Welcome to INTRICK

We are a team of expert Developers specialized in Django, Python and other modern tools striving to make things work on the internet.

  • Development

    We don't just write code! We strive to apply the right elements of software engineering practice and combining tech to put together products that work for lifetime.

  • Start Up

    We started up as a young venture functioning with our skilled developers to accomplish a goal of innovation in all possible ways.

  • Hosting

    We develop all our projects with an attention far above the ground and with great care, so it’s obvious we celebrate all our hosting as one of its kind.

  • Monitoring

    We don’t just build products; we care for it and for our customers, by supporting the product in all feasible ways to make it work aggressively well.


Who we are

We are consulting firm specialized in Python & Django. We offer software engineering services for companies ranging from small to large scale.

We built our reputation on providing superior consulting services, innovative software solutions and second-to-none we are building things on IOT with a vision on futuristic tech developments.

Services we offer

We deliver real business results through a people-centered approach to technology and providing the right expertise according to your needs

  • Web application development

    We invites you to outsource your Web app projects with us. we are providing affordable and quality Web app developments.

  • Mobile application development

    To bringing out efficient mobile applications, our team of developers keep themselves updated to deliver only the best.

  • Desktop application development

    We develop user-friendly desktop apps that can run offline and independent of web-browser.

  • DevOps

    Does your business need help administrating a server, but doesn't want to invest resources on an in-house systems admin? Then we are here for you.

  • Support

    We have Experts in stand-by mode to ensure that you have access to best of the support round the clock. This includes full-fledged deployment support during any major or minor releases.

  • UI/UX Designing

    Want your users to fall in love with your design? Our creative team gives you designs which can make the user remembers the experience.

  • Technology Consulting

    We are fond of working on new technologies. We are proud to have a great team who are masters when it comes to execute your ideas brilliantly.


    We can demonstrate your idea by developing a prototype of the software with minimal functionality, or by developing a product with a limited set of features.

Technologies we expertise in

Intrick has established itself as a reliable provider of quality and robust applications that reacts to all changes in the market and gives its customers challenging solutions based only on the latest technologies. Intrick has a whole toolbox of platforms that we know well and use routinely for our clients. We ask a lot of questions to understand your needs, and then propose the technology that’s the best fit.

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Our valuable clients

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Contact us


#388/71/2 Mullur Colony,
Opp. Swanthana,
Sarjapura Road,
Bengaluru - 560035


+91 88805 88859 / +91 90663 75854